Monday, June 1, 2015

Joy Aylor 2015: Info on her parole date

Joy Aylor, aka Joy Davis Aylor, saw the Texas Parole Board in December 2014. She was denied parole. Her next date for consideration is December 2017. Right now, she is being housed at the Mountain View Prison. She was first up for parole in 2011. Aylor is still serving out her life sentence for capital murder.

Joy Aylor: Photo Credit: Police File

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Telling Secrets aka Contract for Murder True Story Movie

 The movie Telling Secrets aka Contract for Murder was advertised as a made for television movie based on a true story. The names were changed in the movie. Joy Aylor's name was changed to Faith Kelsey. The movie debuted for the first time in 1993. It movie stars Cybill Shephard and Ken Olin. The movie is based on the book on a book. 

Here is another true story about another femme fatal

Read the real story of Joy Aylor and Rozanne Gailiunas here

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Joy Aylor, Femme Fatal


Extra Tidbits
The name of the tenacious detective who chased her for ten years is Morris Mcgowan

During this time that Joy was connected to the murder, her teenage son, Chris Aylor wrecked his corvette and died.  Trying to find the exact details of the accident, but what I have so far is that another man was driving Chris' car when they had a blow out. The car then exploded as onlookers watched in horror. It is rumored that one person who witnessed the accident committed suicide. (there are so many casualties in this case it's unbelievable!)

Here is an extra tidbit regarding Chris's death according to a commenter: "Chris Aylor did not wreck his corvette and kill himself. he was awakened to help find and convince another young man not to kill himself. Chris was ill and taking antibiotics. He was running a fever, so he asked his friend Raymond to drive. Another boy wated to race, and he bumped the front end of the vette while they raced around 1am on LBJ FRWY. Chris never wanted to kill himself. He was a delight and was happy where he was living-- with his grandparents. It has been stated that Elizabeth had an affair with her brother-in-law, a man 13 yrs her senior, but that seems an odd depiction since he began exposing himself to her when she was a minor. This has been called an affair ever since a writer for D Magazine, failed to state her age, even though she agreed not to publish the story with Elizabeth's name without posting her age..Yes, parole was denied the first time." end quote

The name of the attorney with whom she escaped before her trial in 1990 was Mike Wilson.

People who have seen the movie that know Joy Aylor personally say that she is just as seductive in real life as she was depicted in the movie.

Joy Aylor is still incarcerated in Texas. She was denied parole, I think in 2011. I'll double check that. She is up for parole again in 2014.

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